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Taylor Shellfish Fresh Oysters

Shooter ~ Cocktail Sauce OR Breaded and Pan Fried w/Tarter or Cocktail Sauce

Fresh Local Beet Salad with Prosciutto and Chevre

Mixed Greens ~ Sherry Vinaigrette ~ Carrots ~ Cherry Tomato ~ Red Onion

Autumn Risotto with Duck Confit

Local Roasted Butternut Squash ~ Topped with Duck Confit ~ Fresh Herb

Wedge Salad

Romaine ~ Apple ~ Bacon ~Toasted Walnut ~ Tomato ~ House Made Gorgonzola Dressing

House Salad

Organic Mixed Greens ~ Carrots ~Tomato ~ Red Onion~ Croutons~ Choice of Dressing

Caesar Salad

Romaine ~ House Made Dressing ~ Croutons ~ Lemon ~ Parmesan *Add Chicken


Fresh Dungeness Crab Alfredo with House Made Fettuccine

Topped with Fresh Basil, Tomato and Toasted Pine Nuts

The Chuckanut Burger

Local Grass Feed Beef ~ White Cheddar ~ L.T.O. ~ House Made Bun ~ Aioli Side Salad *add Bacon or Gorgonzola or Ham or Fried Egg or Caramelized Onions or Mushrooms

Fresh Vegetable Risotto

Shiitake & Blue Oyster Mushrooms ~ Carrots ~ Cherry Tomato ~ Bell Peppers ~ Spinach ~ Seasonal Vegetables ~ Parmesan ~ Grilled Garlic Bread

East Edison Burger

Local Grass Fed Beef ~ White Cheddar ~ L.T.O. ~ House Made Bun ~ Side Salad *add Bacon, Gorgonzola or Caramelized Onions

Fresh Pork Chop with Apple Brandy Crème

Hand Cut Bone in Chop ~ Baby Spinach ~ Spätzle ~ Apple–Brandy

Grilled New York Stripsteak

12 oz Choice~ House Cut ~ Bacon Roasted Potatoes ~ Seasonal Vegetable ~ Bordeaux-Balsamic Reduction ~ Gorgonzola Cheese

Chicken Saltimbocca with Risotto

Fresh Chicken Breast with Sage, Prosciutto and Provolone in Marsala Wine Sauce