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Address: 5521 Chuckanut Drive, Bow, WA 98232

phone: 360-766-6667

We are halfway between Seattle, WA and Vancouver BC ~ Chuckanut Drive is a secondary highway that connects Burlington, Wa to Bellingham, Wa

For a beautiful and slow paced alternative to Interstate 5 that connects Bellingham to Skagit Valley, take Chuckanut Drive (Route 11). Going North, the exit is just north of Burlington and marked on exit sign #231.

Chuckanut Drive takes you through gorgeous farmlands, in and out of the towns of Allen and Bow, with some of the area’s best Restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts and Antique & Art Galleries. A beautiful side trip is through the historic town of Edison, to Bay View and Samish Island which both overlook Samish Bay and some of the state’s prime shellfish beds. The drive then continues along the rock shoulder of the Chuckanut Mountains. From here you overlook the San Juan Islands from any of the many viewpoints along the way.

There are also many spots for picnics or just getting out and stretching your legs. Try one of the many hikes, either to lakes on Chuckanut and Blanchard Mountains or to the beaches at Larrabee State Park or Teddy Bear Cove. The drive continues all the way to the 1880′s brick town of Fairhaven, in Bellingham.

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