Best Food Bets for Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Day-Trippers

Skagit_tulips1 Skagit Valley’s annual rite of spring, the month-long Tulip Festival, provides a good excuse for exploring the region’s dining options, which are by turns folksy, trendy, and surprisingly sophisticated.

After the mildly surreal experience of walking through color-drenched tulip fields, the direction you point your car will determine how you satisfy your hunger. Just to the east, Mount Vernon and Burlington provide classic small-town choices—a bar and grill, a burger joint, a couple of ethnic holes-in-the-wall. West of the fields, La Conner is a former artists’ colony that’s now primarily a high-end retirement village, with upscale-casual restaurants to match. Drive north and you’ll hit tiny Edison, which feels like a block of Brooklyn plopped down in a field along Salmon Bay.

The Rhody Cafe

You may well get your finest meal in Skagit Valley at the little Rhody Cafe, located in a modest farmhouse a few blocks from Edison in the sister town of Bow. The kitchen manages to balance simplicity and sophistication, meticulously executing timeless specialties like grilled salmon salad and pan-seared pork chops with apple brandy.


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